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MRI: Helpful Tool For Migraine Sufferers

Causes of Migraines

Much about migraines cannot be understood or explained but we do know that environmental and genetic factors play a role. There are certain triggers that have been associated with migraines, including:

  • Foods – salty food and skipping meals.
  • Drinks – alcohol and caffeine.
  • Food ingredients – MSG and aspartame
  • Over stimulation – bright sun and/or lights.
  • Stress
  • Weather – barometric pressure changes.

Understanding triggers for migraines can help sufferers avoid them and hopefully prevent them.

Testing and Diagnosing Migraines

Because migraines are a neurological condition, a neurologist is the specialist trained in the diagnosis and treatment of migraines. To diagnose migraines, neurologists may use a combination of testing methods, including blood tests, CT scans and MRI.

image of girl with a bad headacheMRI of Sinuses: A Relief for Migraines?

An MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, scan of the sinuses is a noninvasive way to produce detailed pictures of the air-filled spaces, or sinuses, inside of the skull. Often the cause of migraines can be linked to the sinuses. Therefore, taking a closer look at the sinuses can often prove to be beneficial to migraine sufferers.

An MRI of the sinuses uses powerful magnets as opposed to the radiation used in x-rays and CT scans. Often patients feel more at ease about this less invasive approach and the absence of radiation. As of today, there are no documented side effects that are deemed significant in the use of the magnetic fields of the MRI.

For migraine sufferers, finding relief is important. Understanding the triggers for each individual can often help to a certain degree. Those with sinus problems might benefit from the helpful diagnostic tool of the MRI.

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